My Awesome After School Program

Almost every day i go to this wonderful hut of happiness and joy with all my friends and i sit down and eat snack then after that i usually ask a tutor to help me with my home work. Sometimes i feel like my day was bad or that i was so tired that i just wanted to go home, but this little magical hut  called Camp Interactive . I love this after school program from the staff to everyone that goes there, to the tutors they’re so awesome .I get alot acomplished when i have a tutor help me.Then at the end of the day i have all my homework done , i feel better ,and less stressed.I enjoy time on the computer working on my blog , doing projects, and doing homework.


One Response to “My Awesome After School Program”

  1. Yeah, I totally agree. Camp Interactive rules! I need to swing by and grab some snacks A-SAP.

    The blog is lookin’ good, I’m putting it on my favorites to keep me in the know.

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