Hello!!..Guess who’s Back!

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I’m Bakkkkkk . Hello World long time no see !. I have been soo busy lately i am very sorry for my absence, but now that i have access to a computer 24/7. It’s more likely that im going to have a blog posted almost every week. Especially now that school is back , and its my first year in highschool. Soo much stuff happening just wait and see. okay but for now let me get back to my homework . See YA!


I’m so sorry

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Hey guys i’m so sorry that i haven”t blogged in a while i’ve been so busy lately with school on my hands and the stress of what
highschool i want to go to when i graduate. I know that isn’t really an excuse but i have been so tired . But i solemnly swear
that i will devote all of my free time on this blog. On the contrary i need ideas that’s half of the reason why i did not blog. So
every time i blog please leave a comment and a subject, i will go to all lenghts to at least make an paragraph about your ideas.
See you next time, Bye!!!!.

My Awesome After School Program

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Almost every day i go to this wonderful hut of happiness and joy with all my friends and i sit down and eat snack then after that i usually ask a tutor to help me with my home work. Sometimes i feel like my day was bad or that i was so tired that i just wanted to go home, but this little magical hut  called Camp Interactive . I love this after school program from the staff to everyone that goes there, to the tutors they’re so awesome .I get alot acomplished when i have a tutor help me.Then at the end of the day i have all my homework done , i feel better ,and less stressed.I enjoy time on the computer working on my blog , doing projects, and doing homework.

My New Phone!!

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On Saturday Feburary 28th, 2009, I got the Verizon Voyager. This phone is so awesome. I love the keybord and the sleek design of the phone, but the touch screen is annoying beacuse the scrolling feature is terrible. When  you want to click on very small links, you either have to take your finger and  click it, or find a pen and click —  so frustrating. It would really be helpful if a pointer was included with the phone. Anyway, this phone has 142.8 mg and a variety of options like v cast music, videos and internet browsing. Overall, this phone is cool so i give it an 8 out of 10.

Go check out the video of my phone; http://reviews.cnet.com/cell-phones/lg-voyager-vx10000-verizon/4505-6454_7-32640927.html

Hello World!

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Hello world! This is your number 1 young child giving  you my ideas, my  reviews, and my life stories.  I will be blogging every week . I will try to make it three times a week. So wish me luck, and try to visit  because you’re always welcome. Leave your comments so I know how I’m doing.

Thanks.  -Isaiah Brye